[SFD-discuss] SFD2021 in Iran report

Mostafa Ahangarha ahangarha at riseup.net
Sun Sep 26 06:39:00 UTC 2021

Hi everyone,
Happy Software Freedom Day again

I am pleased to inform the world community that we in Iran managed to 
conduct 5 online events. The first one was organized by people in 
Mashhad city and funded and supported by some companies and 
organizations. Next was Gnu Meetup special event for SFD with 6 non 
technical talks addressing different issues related to significance of 
Software Freedom in today Iran. Organizers of this even, released a 
statement addressing people, free software community and government.

There were two other events organized by Blender House in Iran and also 
a telegram based community of front-end developers called Front Chapter 
in which people discussed the impact of free software in shaping the 
web. And finally, the last event was organized yesterday by Azad-on 
focusing on contribution. Like last year, Azad-on tried to inform people 
that having share in a freer future in computation doens't necessarily 
require programming knowledge. The event encouraged people to provide 
non-technical contribution to OpenStreetMap, Mozilla Common Voices and 
software/documentation translations. After long time, we could achieve 
daily goal on Common Voice project for Persian language (1200 voice 
record and 2400 verification).

I am happy that this year, we had multiple groups organizing small but 
independent events for SFD rather waiting for a big and grand event, 
addressing small number of geeks. I hope this experience could have some 
share in breaking the malformed imagination of so called Free Software 
Community in Iran around the way of celebrating Software Freedom Day.

Mostafa Ahangarha

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