[SFD-discuss] SFD website problem

Frederic Muller - DFF fred at digitalfreedomfoundation.org
Fri Sep 3 05:50:34 UTC 2021


Thank you for the notification: in fact there are 2 problems, one is a 
small bug in the Australian State page (which we just fixed) making the 
automatic listing not working.
The 2nd problem is that your team page is at the root of the wiki, while 
it should be below your city. We moved your page and you should be able 
to register now.

Let us know if you're still having issues.

Thank you.


On 9/3/21 11:33 AM, Robyn Willison wrote:
> Hi
> I can't register my team. I have made the wiki page /Australia/South 
> Australia/Adelaide/ but when I try to register the team it says the 
> pages don't exist.
> I have attached a screenshot of the page.
> Thanks
> Robyn
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