[SFD-discuss] SFD 2021 Preparation

Mostafa Ahangarha ahangarha at riseup.net
Tue Jun 29 05:25:09 UTC 2021

> As I said we're a community, if someone feels like doing it we can 
> discuss about the details and move forward.

If the issue is to find a person to handle the account, I would raise my 
hand and do my best. We can discuss details.

> Now with the pandemic (which seems to be what he asked for) we don't 
> think face-to-face meeting is the way to go. That however doesn't change 
> the content by itself. If we misunderstood the question, please 
> Ahangarha let us know and we'll try to address your issue.

Frankly I didn't understand what Ali Reza said about what I meant. So I 
talk about what I said.

I am not thinking about in-person meetings at all. If some people feel 
safe to do it (like what we did in Kabul, Afghanistan last year) that is 
fine. But that is up to them and their conditions. We won't encourage 
that for sure. Health is far more important than conducting such programs.

I think we need to motivate people to use online solutions creatively. 
We can help them by listing ethically FLOSSy options (jitsi, BBB, 
Mumble, icecat,...). We can even approach some FLOSS organizations and 
ask them to provide some little infrastructure for a week or 2-3 days 
and let registered events on SFD website to hold their program on. I am 
sure it worth trying with some organizations like FSF, FSFE, FramaSoft,...

As you mentioned, we can have a list of suggested topics (not as agenda, 
but as some curated list for those who are out of option. at least as a 
starting point)


Regarding SN, I emphasis again that I don't advocate absence on popular 
ones. I only mean SFD should be in forefront of promoting migration to 
ethical FLOSSy platforms. People should know SFD's main account is on an 
ethical platform while exploiting others to spread the words. FSF does 
the same. their twitter account just cross-posts what they share on 
their main account (used to be GnuSocial and now is Mastodon).

Using some tools like moa.party, we can cross-post from Mastodon to 
twitter (which is what I do).


There is also another point I want to share here and avoid sending it as 
another email: one slide is talking about 2017. Please update that. If 
you want I can share photo of SFD in Kabul university last year.

Mostafa Ahangarha

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