[SFD-discuss] Countdown available in English and French for now

Frederic Muller - DFF fred at digitalfreedomfoundation.org
Tue Jun 29 03:52:54 UTC 2021

Hi again!

On 6/28/21 10:28 PM, Mostafa Ahangarha wrote:
> Hi
> I just wanted to know how I can help with Persian one. 

Yes, funnily I was talking with you offline and looked at the Persian 
countdown. The SVG file has not been uploaded to the wiki. We're looking 
at a different way to provide the countdown so translations are easier 
to fit in. Also since I did it yesterday for French, Chinese Simplified 
and Traditional, generating 100 png with different numbers or text is 
not that fun ;-) So I'll recommend to wait a few more days and see if we 
can do better.

I think we in
> Iran (or even Afghanistan) will celebrate SFD one day before the 
> official day since we have Friday as holiday Iran and Afghanistan. Yet I 
> am not sure if this would be the decision for all (possible) teams.
> How this could be managed?
This comes back often (celebrating on a specific date) and while it is 
better for 'the (SFD) community' to celebrate on the same day, each 
country, region, religion often have conflicting celebration which will 
make your SFD event not the place people can be.

In such case we recommend local teams to pick a better date and make it 
clear their event is on a different date. I've moved my SFD events a few 
times, sometimes 1 month later due to local celebration.

A side issue is that the coundown will not work so well. If you can host 
the files yourself, then we provide all the code for your to run it, and 
we can probably help you out if you're struggling with it. I think it's 
getting easier to run Python on shared hosting as well, so VPS are not 
required (that might really depend on the host though).

So to summarize: pick the date that works for your community, and make 
sure it's very clear on your wiki page and communication channels.

Thank you.


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