[SFD-discuss] Countdown -Chinese Simplified added

Frederic Muller - DFF fred at digitalfreedomfoundation.org
Mon Jun 28 07:09:09 UTC 2021


Swedish is not available. You can find all the instructions here:

but in short:
1. Get the English template here: 
2. Get the fonts on your system: We've used VDS Fonts and Averia fonts 
and SFD logo fonts (Font is Ubuntu Bold Italic: 20% tracking, 10% 
leading) with specific changes being:
     Flat-bottom and broken-barred 'f'
     Flat-topped 't'
     Straight descending 'y'
more here: https://wiki.softwarefreedomday.org/Logo )
3. Then open and edit in Inkscape.
4. when all done we ll help with the wiki page

Please let us know if you have specific questions.

Thank you.


On 6/28/21 1:37 PM, Luna Jernberg wrote:
> Hello!
> Can do Swedish if you don't have that is there somewhere to find the 
> file/template/how to translate?

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