[SFD-discuss] Call for Help on SVG Counter

Maren Hachmann maren at goos-habermann.de
Tue Sep 24 18:54:07 UTC 2019

Hi Fred,

yes, SFD was good in Kiel :) Took me a bit to recover from all the work
(we're organizing a whole conference, not 'only' SFD), but now I can
test away with the generator extension.

I don't have an issue with the commas, though. I put the text in
quotation marks, and then it works (with a single comma per replaced
text, it fails for the row when there are more).

Is there more than one comma in the items? If so, we can switch to using
semicolons or some other unused character, and drop the commahack.

Not sure what you're missing about the SVG file with Javascript included
- what exactly are you confused about?

An example of a similar type of file (SVG + JS in an embed tag) is here:

iframe or object should work, too. But on some sites, CSP headers won't
allow loading this kind of image from a different domain.

A static image of the png/svg/jpg kind is certainly easier to use and
embed on all kinds of websites, and it seems to be easy to generate now.

Kind Regards

Am 24.09.19 um 17:50 schrieb Frederic Muller - DFF:
> Hey!
> I hope you had a great SFD. mine is still in the making here (public
> holidays conflict).
> So after playing with the extension I had issues, some which I fixed
> (like finding the text size in pixel - which is not the value displayed
> in Inkscape), some which I didn't unfortunately. Still trying to figure
> out how to insert a comma in some of the text. Apparently the current
> csv import doesn't support that. I emailed the extension creator but
> didn't get any response yet. It seems I would need to replace the csv
> interpreter code to allow comma to be accepted.
> And since now you have time I am still a bit confused about the other
> alternative which was having a script inside the SVG file and making it
> run from SFD's servers. What am I missing?
> Thank you.
> Fred
> On 9/24/19 8:23 PM, Maren Hachmann wrote:
>> Hi Fred,
>> glad it works! That extension is really very useful.
>> The only thing it can't do is to adjust the width of the text
>> automatically, not sure if that's a problem. Using centered text helps
>> to alleviate the issue.
>> I didn't remember that the generator extension would also do the
>> exporting to the format you'd need, that's why I added the export
>> extension to the mix - good that it's not needed :)
>> Is there still anything left for me to do? (I could probably add
>> functionality to query the text object's width and to scale it down to
>> the desired max width. Always wanted to put that in anyway...)
>> Maren
>> Am 19.09.19 um 13:00 schrieb Frederic Muller - DFF:
>>> Wow Excellent!
>>> So don't worry it's not going to be for this SFD! Now I've downloaded
>>> and install ink-generator and played with the sample file: everything works.
>>> I'm currently using inkscape v. 0.92 (Fedora) so no issue with using
>>> v1.0 yet.
>>> I am not sure why I would need the export object extension though. Is it
>>> because we have move than 1 design in the same file?
>>> The way I look at it as we have a few languages we'll have all the
>>> "numbered" countdown file in the same svg/csv for all languages
>>> (actually they don't change anymore until we change the whole countdown
>>> design).
>>> Then we have 3 files to edit and export per language each year. They are
>>> actually 1 file with 3 different texts. Only Spanish has a text size
>>> change in 1 image because the text is too long. Maybe I could add font
>>> size as a parameter (though it switches from 1 line to 2 smaller lines -
>>> maybe something we can improve). Again I'd have 1 svg/csv pair to
>>> generate those 3 images x translations.
>>> So we'd end up 2 svg/csv, using on 1 pair in fact, except if we change
>>> the countdown design.
>>> And then we (I ;-) ) manually upload the 3 images in the wiki.
>>> Please correct me if I missed anything!
>>> Thank you very much.
>>> Fred
>>> On 9/19/19 5:16 PM, Maren Hachmann wrote:
>>>> Hi Fred,
>>>> yes, this should be possible, using the inkscape-generator extension
>>>> that is available in Ubuntu repositories (example files that can serve
>>>> as instructions here:
>>>> https://inkscape.org/~Moini/%E2%98%85example-files-for-generator-extension)
>>>> and the export-objects extension (
>>>> https://gitlab.com/su-v/inx-exportobjects).
>>>> Both extensions may need to be adjusted (if you want to use Inkscape 1.0
>>>> at some point, they have to be), and a script would need to be written
>>>> to wrap them.
>>>> I'm busy currently with our Kielux event, so cannot help you with it
>>>> before this year's SFD. For the next one, I think I could.
>>>> (or even an extension could be made from these two, as a combo)
>>>> Maren
>>>> Am 19.09.19 um 11:49 schrieb Frederic Muller - DFF:
>>>>> Hi!
>>>>> Thank you for all your explanation. Reading again your email it is a lot
>>>>> of choices to make ;-)
>>>>> I initially thought it was possible to include everything inside the SVG
>>>>> image and that people could just reference it as they do with the png
>>>>> file today. From my recent searches it seems not, and JS is always
>>>>> needed and causes issues you're referring to.
>>>>> So with that in mind I'd rather go for a script that takes the initial
>>>>> design, pick a language (from?) and generate 100 or 300 png files with
>>>>> the right name for each language.
>>>>> Is this possible?
>>>>> Thank you.
>>>>> Fred
>>>>> On 8/28/16 11:24 PM, Maren Hachmann wrote:
>>>>>> Hi Fred,
>>>>>> Am 28.08.2016 um 06:48 schrieb Frederic Muller - DFF:
>>>>>>> Thank you for the answer. We actually discuss with the topic at
>>>>>>> length with Alexandro and maybe others 3 years ago. There was a
>>>>>>> small bug in the display of the SVG between Inkscape and the
>>>>>>> rendering engine making the text slightly off.
>>>>>> - Rendering engine? You mean the browser?
>>>>>>> That's about as much as I remember. I can't even remember how to
>>>>>>> edit the file now if it's not using a text editor.
>>>>>> - That I can do ;-)
>>>>>>> So back to what we want is actually replacing the current PNG files
>>>>>>> for our countdown with SVG file(s). We believe this would help us
>>>>>>> better manage translations and re-editing the file year after year.
>>>>>>> So it should be able to display the SFD countdown image (we have
>>>>>>> the SVG source so that should be ok) and deduct 1 day everyday as
>>>>>>> we get closer to SFD. Also the current availability of the files
>>>>>>> make it possible for people to  chose the SFD date based on their
>>>>>>> timezone. So it is pretty simple to just copy & paste the code and
>>>>>>> insert it in a blog or website.
>>>>>> - You want the thing to work client-side, right? Not via a script that
>>>>>> serves the image-of-the-day from the sfd website? That's what I gather
>>>>>> from the unfinished SVG file in the Wiki.
>>>>>> That's actually the hard part for including in a blog. You need to use
>>>>>> iframe, embed or object tags, or paste the source of the image
>>>>>> directly into the html to get the counter js to work, if it's included
>>>>>> in the SVG image, as far as I know.
>>>>>> img tags will *not* work.
>>>>>> So would the iframe thing be desirable? I'm not sure if everyone can
>>>>>> include one on their blog, that's why I'm asking.
>>>>>> Or would it be more practical to create those 60 svg (or even better,
>>>>>> png) files automatically and have them work like the pngs currently?
>>>>>> That's easy to do with Inkscape and either some own scripting or a
>>>>>> preexisting Inkscape extension.
>>>>>> That's a solution which would work for everyone, but would still
>>>>>> require that a script be run on your server (which requires a gui if
>>>>>> one uses Inkscape for it... :/) or on the translators' local machines
>>>>>> to create the single svg/png files.
>>>>>> We should also make sure to either use a font that is readily
>>>>>> available for everyone, to convert the text to paths in the process
>>>>>> (using Inkscape), or to include/link to the font file when using an
>>>>>> SVG, or just to use a png.
>>>>>> Do you have any preferences? Or would you just like to have it work
>>>>>> easily?
>>>>>> What I would do is:
>>>>>> - modify the SVG image
>>>>>> - add instructions for translators into the svg file, ask them to
>>>>>> install the necessary fonts, so they can adapt the size of their texts
>>>>>> correctly
>>>>>> - only have them translate those few strings, then ask them to upload
>>>>>> the changed SVG file
>>>>>> - provide instructions how to generate the pngs automatically, using
>>>>>> Inkscape (with gui) and a csv file for the dates on a computer where
>>>>>> the required fonts are installed
>>>>>> - have you continue serving the png images using the working script
>>>>>> you have
>>>>>> It's less sophisticated, and less automatical, than the js version,
>>>>>> but makes work easy for translators and works for all kinds of blogs.
>>>>>> Even when you visit them using IE ;-)
>>>>>> What do you think?
>>>>>> (If you prefer the other option, I would also prepare the file for the
>>>>>> iframe/embed/object option, only my javascript foo is weak - I can
>>>>>> tell you the steps that need to be performed / the ids that would need
>>>>>> to be adapted, but can't write it myself).
>>>>>> Regards,
>>>>>>  Maren
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