[SFD-discuss] Call for Help on SVG Counter

Frederic Muller - DFF fred at digitalfreedomfoundation.org
Thu Sep 19 11:00:49 UTC 2019

Wow Excellent!

So don't worry it's not going to be for this SFD! Now I've downloaded
and install ink-generator and played with the sample file: everything works.

I'm currently using inkscape v. 0.92 (Fedora) so no issue with using
v1.0 yet.

I am not sure why I would need the export object extension though. Is it
because we have move than 1 design in the same file?

The way I look at it as we have a few languages we'll have all the
"numbered" countdown file in the same svg/csv for all languages
(actually they don't change anymore until we change the whole countdown

Then we have 3 files to edit and export per language each year. They are
actually 1 file with 3 different texts. Only Spanish has a text size
change in 1 image because the text is too long. Maybe I could add font
size as a parameter (though it switches from 1 line to 2 smaller lines -
maybe something we can improve). Again I'd have 1 svg/csv pair to
generate those 3 images x translations.

So we'd end up 2 svg/csv, using on 1 pair in fact, except if we change
the countdown design.

And then we (I ;-) ) manually upload the 3 images in the wiki.

Please correct me if I missed anything!

Thank you very much.


On 9/19/19 5:16 PM, Maren Hachmann wrote:
> Hi Fred,
> yes, this should be possible, using the inkscape-generator extension
> that is available in Ubuntu repositories (example files that can serve
> as instructions here:
> https://inkscape.org/~Moini/%E2%98%85example-files-for-generator-extension)
> and the export-objects extension (
> https://gitlab.com/su-v/inx-exportobjects).
> Both extensions may need to be adjusted (if you want to use Inkscape 1.0
> at some point, they have to be), and a script would need to be written
> to wrap them.
> I'm busy currently with our Kielux event, so cannot help you with it
> before this year's SFD. For the next one, I think I could.
> (or even an extension could be made from these two, as a combo)
> Maren
> Am 19.09.19 um 11:49 schrieb Frederic Muller - DFF:
>> Hi!
>> Thank you for all your explanation. Reading again your email it is a lot
>> of choices to make ;-)
>> I initially thought it was possible to include everything inside the SVG
>> image and that people could just reference it as they do with the png
>> file today. From my recent searches it seems not, and JS is always
>> needed and causes issues you're referring to.
>> So with that in mind I'd rather go for a script that takes the initial
>> design, pick a language (from?) and generate 100 or 300 png files with
>> the right name for each language.
>> Is this possible?
>> Thank you.
>> Fred
>> On 8/28/16 11:24 PM, Maren Hachmann wrote:
>>> Hi Fred,
>>> Am 28.08.2016 um 06:48 schrieb Frederic Muller - DFF:
>>>> Thank you for the answer. We actually discuss with the topic at
>>>> length with Alexandro and maybe others 3 years ago. There was a
>>>> small bug in the display of the SVG between Inkscape and the
>>>> rendering engine making the text slightly off.
>>> - Rendering engine? You mean the browser?
>>>> That's about as much as I remember. I can't even remember how to
>>>> edit the file now if it's not using a text editor.
>>> - That I can do ;-)
>>>> So back to what we want is actually replacing the current PNG files
>>>> for our countdown with SVG file(s). We believe this would help us
>>>> better manage translations and re-editing the file year after year.
>>>> So it should be able to display the SFD countdown image (we have
>>>> the SVG source so that should be ok) and deduct 1 day everyday as
>>>> we get closer to SFD. Also the current availability of the files
>>>> make it possible for people to  chose the SFD date based on their
>>>> timezone. So it is pretty simple to just copy & paste the code and
>>>> insert it in a blog or website.
>>> - You want the thing to work client-side, right? Not via a script that
>>> serves the image-of-the-day from the sfd website? That's what I gather
>>> from the unfinished SVG file in the Wiki.
>>> That's actually the hard part for including in a blog. You need to use
>>> iframe, embed or object tags, or paste the source of the image
>>> directly into the html to get the counter js to work, if it's included
>>> in the SVG image, as far as I know.
>>> img tags will *not* work.
>>> So would the iframe thing be desirable? I'm not sure if everyone can
>>> include one on their blog, that's why I'm asking.
>>> Or would it be more practical to create those 60 svg (or even better,
>>> png) files automatically and have them work like the pngs currently?
>>> That's easy to do with Inkscape and either some own scripting or a
>>> preexisting Inkscape extension.
>>> That's a solution which would work for everyone, but would still
>>> require that a script be run on your server (which requires a gui if
>>> one uses Inkscape for it... :/) or on the translators' local machines
>>> to create the single svg/png files.
>>> We should also make sure to either use a font that is readily
>>> available for everyone, to convert the text to paths in the process
>>> (using Inkscape), or to include/link to the font file when using an
>>> SVG, or just to use a png.
>>> Do you have any preferences? Or would you just like to have it work
>>> easily?
>>> What I would do is:
>>> - modify the SVG image
>>> - add instructions for translators into the svg file, ask them to
>>> install the necessary fonts, so they can adapt the size of their texts
>>> correctly
>>> - only have them translate those few strings, then ask them to upload
>>> the changed SVG file
>>> - provide instructions how to generate the pngs automatically, using
>>> Inkscape (with gui) and a csv file for the dates on a computer where
>>> the required fonts are installed
>>> - have you continue serving the png images using the working script
>>> you have
>>> It's less sophisticated, and less automatical, than the js version,
>>> but makes work easy for translators and works for all kinds of blogs.
>>> Even when you visit them using IE ;-)
>>> What do you think?
>>> (If you prefer the other option, I would also prepare the file for the
>>> iframe/embed/object option, only my javascript foo is weak - I can
>>> tell you the steps that need to be performed / the ids that would need
>>> to be adapted, but can't write it myself).
>>> Regards,
>>>  Maren
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