[SFD-discuss] Recovering an Isolated softwarefreedomday Wiki Account

Frederic Muller - DFF fred at digitalfreedomfoundation.org
Thu Sep 12 05:48:46 UTC 2019


Sorry for missing that email, it got sent to my SPAM folder and I just
found out now.

So I am not sure if it's still an active problem but in any case in general:
1. Any email for technical issues with our infrastructure, if you see no
reply within 48h max just email me directly and tell me you posted on
the list as well
2. Yes we can definitely do that. But you should be able to by:
- login into the wiki with your account name and password (that's not
the email address)
- update your details in the upper right wiki corner by clicking on your
wiki name/settings and then selecting Preferences.

If you're having problems just email me your username and the email you
want the account to be associated to (you can do that on or off the
list). We'll then update the account.

Thank you and really sorry for missing that out.



Onyeibo Oku onyeibo at schemefusion.com
Fri Aug 2 05:54:47 UTC 2019

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I have a Wiki account that I can no longer access. It is tied to an
email account that no longer exist.  Is it possible to reconnect that
account to my current email address?  What should I do?  Who should I


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