[SFD-discuss] SFD 2012 countdown available for use and translation

Frederic Muller - SFI fred at softwarefreedomday.org
Thu May 31 15:11:20 UTC 2012

Dear all,

First I'm also including the sfd-discuss list as I am not sure last year 
countdown translators were later added to the localization list.

The SFD countdown is actually ready for usage in English event though it 
will only start to count down from 99 days (in 7 days). We are therefore 
informing translators of 2011 and also people willing to add a new 
language that translation can start right now.

All the instructions are available on the wiki at this page:

For those who already want to add the countdown on their 
page/blog/website the code is also the same as last year (we've chosen a 
smaller size image this year) and has the same support for time zones. 
So if for example you're living in Paris (GMT+2/UTC+2 that would be) 
then the code to add is:
<a href="http://www.softwarefreedomday.org/"><img 
border="0" width="160" height="90" alt="Celebrate SFD with us on 
September 15!"></a>

Of course you can also run the code from your website if you want and 
customize it to your liking. Full code available here:

and you'll need to add a cron job to run it every 15 minutes if you want 
to support all time zones. Else every day at 1am is probably fine.

Thank you.


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