[SFD-discuss] Free Distro Disk - was( Re: Preparing for schwags)

Frederic Muller - DFI fred at softwarefreedomday.org
Sun Jun 24 15:00:52 UTC 2012

I'm moving this sub-topic to the sfd-discuss list

On 06/23/2012 08:32 AM, Marcos Marado wrote:
>> While all the artworks are ready we
>> >  need to update the ISO files for the SFD DVDs. On this front I would be
>> >  happy to know if you felt that shipping GNU/Linux distro ISO file was
>> >  something useful?
> I bet it was for some teams, but for ours... well, we had enough
> giveaway stuff anyway

So was the free distro disc useful to anyone? Is this something we 
should keep for people who have bandwidth issue or not?

Please give us your feedback as it will help to decide if we keep it or not.



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