[SFD-discuss] sfd countdown scripting

Frederic Muller - DFI fred at softwarefreedomday.org
Sat Jun 23 09:28:57 UTC 2012

hi all!

I do remember someone provided a script to automatically generate the xx 
necessary png out of the svg source file. I didn't pay much attention to 
it last year as I already did the language I knew and there was a slight 
bug in rendering.

Now doing it for a second year I realize that all the translations need 
to be redone because the text is 'inside' those PNG files. It would be a 
lot more efficient to translate once and be able to regenerate those png 
regardless of the design.

So could someone either point me to that script I can't seem to find, or 
the script author himself so we could try to work out a more efficient 

Thanks again.


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