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thanks noticing the event! lately we Japanese lately using Libra or OOo in
the government or companies.
I will ask guys interested for organizing the team for the event.

well should I tell you till Feb 6th?


2012/1/26 Marcos Marado <mindboosternoori at gmail.com>

> Hi there,
> Please forgive me on this slightly off-topic message, but it is my
> understanding that most people interested in Software Freedom would also
> be on
> Document Freedom, and maybe teams participating on SFD would also be
> interested in participating on DFD.
> Document Freedom Day (DFD) <http://documentfreedom.org> is a global day
> for document liberation. It is a worldwide event celebrating Open
> Standards and raising general awareness about the need for their
> adoption. DFD is actively redefining perceptions of Open Standards in
> media, public administration and educational institutions. Thanks to
> generous donations, in the last year we were able to:
> - Organise 42 events in 14 different countries around the world, ranging
>  from Brazil and Mexico, to Greece and Portugal,
> - Coordinate an important talk at the European Parliament with multiple
>  speakers, and
> - Raise the profile of pioneering users of Open Standards, such as
>  German news website 'tagesschau.de', by awarding certificates and
>  prizes in view of the press.
> The winner of the DFD 2011 Germany prize went to a popular news website
> which provides its 1.4m daily visitors with current affairs videos in
> the Free video format Ogg Theora. The award was presented in Berlin,
> resulting in coverage in 8 national and international media outlets. The
> city of Munich received the European prize, for the use of Open
> Standards in its LiMux project.
> In 2012 we will celebrate Document Freedom Day for the fourth time. We
> shall again organise more than 42 events, include countries that were
> previously not involved, and strenghten engagement with the public
> sector.
> To make these plans a reality, we need your support as a partner of
> Document Freedom Day 2012! Talk with your friends/regional groups, and
> think about activities and events that you could organise to promote
> Open Standards. We would be happy to help you with ideas, prize-giving,
> and finding sponsors.
> With your help we will be able to organise more events in 2012, and
> together we can raise awareness for Open Standards around the world.
> At the moment we are coordinating our activities with international
> partners and sponsors. Please do not hesitate to contact us for more
> detailed information about partnership opportunities for Document
> Freedom Day 2012.
> Please let us know until 6. February if you want to organise your own
> activity or event, and/or if you want to be listed on our supporter page
> as a supporting organisation.
> Your participation makes a difference!
> Best regards,
> --
> Marcos Marado
> ANSOL - http://ansol.org
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