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Marcos Marado mindboosternoori at gmail.com
Fri Nov 4 19:48:07 UTC 2011

On Tuesday 04 October 2011 00:16:48 Steve Rainwater wrote:
> One note about the t-shirts - they suffered major shrinkage. On the
> first washing, my large became a medium. On the second wash, it shrunk
> to small. :)  But better those orange shirts from a few years ago where
> the color leached out and stained everything you washed with them. Best
> t-shirts so far have been the bright green ones (maybe 2007?) - no
> shrinkage, no color leaching. If anyone knows who made those, use that
> company to make next year's shirts!

Took some time to reply, just to make sure... After several washings, our t-
shirts didn't (visibly, at least) shrink...

Marcos Marado

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