[SFD-discuss] About the SFD Pack

Frederic Muller - SFI fred at softwarefreedomday.org
Thu Jul 28 01:43:22 GMT 2011

On 07/28/2011 12:34 AM, Steve Rainwater wrote:
> On Fri, 2011-07-22 at 11:05 +0800, Frederic Muller - SFI wrote:
>> if you're referring to the goodies we send each year, the registration
>> form should be up before the weekend, and production is in process(we
>> will blog about it very soon too). If you are referring to some slides
>> then maybe you need to clarify a bit more.
> Any update on what's in the goodie pack sent to teams? I looked on the
> main website but didn't see a blog (I must be an idiot, couldn't even
> find a link to the blog in the menu anywhere!)
> I'm curious if I should be emailing my contacts at the FSF, EFF, RedHat,
> etc. for swag or if that's all in the team packs. Also, will there be
> T-Shirts this year?  Thanks...


Sure. Goodies have been extensively discussed on the marketing list 
which can be read from the front page of the site (mouse over messages). 
There are also photos of the goodies under the main section of the 
website and the BLOG link is accessible either by clicking on a message 
under SFI News or by scrolling down to the lower part of the screen and 
clicking on BLOG. We also have a (I wanted to believe) famous Planet 
currently at http://planet.softwarefreedomday.org where those blog posts 
appear (together with team leaders blog posts - if you do blog please 
email us link and hackergotchi or photo).

Goodies this year follows the feedback we got from the survey last year 
and are:
- t-shirts (3)
- (~10) iron-on transfer to make extra T-shirts by yourself
- 1 SFD banner 2mx0.5m ( roughly over 6'5 x 1'8)
- stickers
- balloons
- 3 DVDs for people with lousy Internet access to make copies and 
distribute: discussed content listed here 

All schwag are year-less this year so they can easily be reused.
We're also in discussion with the FreeBSD community and might get some 
extra stuff from them.

DVD covers have been designed and I think the content which Diego put 
together with the help of a few contributors is rocking cool. Definitely 
stuff to spice up your event. Also the new Software Freedom Day song 
comes with a KTV video which could be a very fun group activity.

So that's it at the moment.

Let me know if you need anything else.



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