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Hi Pockey: 

Here's the License detail of the song

Celebrate Software Freedom Day Song by Erwin Galang,Meric Mara and Deng Silorio is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.
Based on a work at labs.cre8tivetech.com.
Also, do you mind changing the link to the title of the song per se ?"Celebrate Software Freedom Day Song" and just link it to http://labs.cre8tivetech.com/2011/07/celebrate-software-freedom-day-song/ =)

Thank you


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Hi Meric, 

That's really cool! It's indeed a very nice song, have the spirit of
    celebrating SFD! The singing is very pro too! Thanks for sharing! 

I have added your link here: http://wiki.softwarefreedomday.org/Resources#Songs
so all the teams can access it!  

And we will definitely play it in all the SFD events in China and
    recommend it to all the other countries! 

By the way, what's the license?  :-) 


On 07/19/2011 12:25 PM, meric mara wrote: 
>We just wish to share this song/music that we did in preparation
        for The SFD Celebration this year.
>And yes we intend to use tune for our SFD Celebration here in
        the Philippines (sfdph2011). If at any rate, you find it useful
        or friendly to listen/use as well, feel free to use it for your
        SFD Celebration. 
>Here's the Lyrics of the Song.
>Title: Celebrate Software Freedom Day
>Let’s go out and celebrate
>It’s the Software Freedom Day
>(Chill out/ Cheer out)Yell out and participate
>It’s the Software Freedom Day
>Let everyone know there’s a software for(that’s) free
>Free to use for you and me
>Free to run and study
>Modify, make copies
>Save more money
>It’s the Software Freedom Day
>Let’s go out and celebrate
>It’s the Software Freedom Day
>(Chill out/ Cheer out) Yell out and participate
>It’s the Software Freedom Day
>Throughout the whole world
>Sharing is a plenty
>Hackers are smiling, knowledge a’flowing
>Dance to the beat and feel the heat
>Free and Open Software is Here to Stay.
>Software Freedom Day
>aha (2x)
>Software Freedom Day.
>You can find the audio (mp3 and ogg version) at this link below.
>Thank you
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