[SFD-discuss] Stuff not yet received (2nd Mail)

Frederic Muller fred at beijinglug.org
Tue Oct 21 17:23:25 BST 2008

Dear Mr. Simango,

I (we, actually) are trying our best to get the package sent back as I 
already emailed you. Your last email was October 16th, we're now 6 days 
later and I have a day job (so do the other volunteers). I don't think 
you did ever pay for the T-shirts nor am I getting paid to send them to 
you. Life sometimes doesn't go the way we want (I am a Linux advocate, 
so I know what I am talking about ;-) ) and we're still trying hard 
(struggling) to get them shipped (back) to you. Understand the nature of 
open source and volunteering and please don't email me every 6 days 
especially since the event is over.

Now if you guys have organized a 2nd event or have a deadline or 
anything special, please let me know. Please note that even if you do 
have deadline I might not be able to make your wish come true. I will 
spare you my logistic problems as it is probably not important for you.

Now please do believe that we are doing whatever is possible to get 
those free gifts to you.

Kind regards,

Software Freedom International

Mr. R. Simango wrote:
> Dear Frederic,
> Please kindly furnish us with shipping details that can enable us to
> follow up on the late CDs and SFD schwag. From our zim discussion
> forums the following groups havent received  their CDs and/or schwag:
> Richard Simango, Tonga Online, Binga (CDs and Schwag)
> Saridzai Mutana, Midlands State University, (Schwag)
> Tendai Ngndu, Bulawayo, (schwag)
> I hope you will help us to locate this shipment,
> Kind Regards,
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> From: Frederic Muller <fred at beijinglug.org>
> Date: Wed, 17 Sep 2008 17:38:56 +0800
> Subject: Re: Stuff not yet received
> To: "Mr. R. Simango" <simangor at gmail.com>
> Cc: Open discussions about SFD <sfd-discuss at sf-day.org>
> Dear Richard,
> I can only check for SFD schwag and not Ubuntu CDs. Those 2 are the same
> team in the document I received and from the registration it's your
> email address that has been used for Austin Njaya's registration.
> Now to the bad news: the forwarder has failed to ship your shwag (and
> the other 4 registered teams in Zimbabwe) so you will not be getting
> anything before September 20th. I must apologize for this. We are now
> negotiating how to get you the stuff so you can at least have an 'after
> SFD' party with balloons, stickers and t-shirts.
> Really sorry for the inconvenience, I hope this will not hinder your
> preparation work and you will still manage to have a great Saturday as
> all of us will.
> Kind regards,
> Fred
> Software Freedom Day
> Mr. R. Simango wrote:
>> Dear Fred,
>> Could you kindly furnish us with tracking information for swag send to:
>> 1. Richard Simango, Tonga Online, Binga, Zimbabwe
>> 2. Austin Njaya, Tinde High School, C/O Tonga Online, Binga, Zimbabwe
>> Please for both Ubuntu CDs and other promotional Material (Stickers,
>> T-shirts etc)
>> Kind Regards,
>> Richard Simango
>> Technical and Operations Manager
>> Tonga Online
>> P. O. Box 47
>> Binga
>> Zimbabwe
>> Tel +263-15-573
>> Mobile: +263-11-619322
>> skype: simangor
>> www.mulonga.net
>> https://wiki.ubuntu.com/OpenIcdl

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