[SFD-discuss] How to register a local team on the homepage

Robert Schumann robert at softwarefreedomday.org
Sun May 6 14:28:10 EDT 2007

I'd like to apologise to anyone who's encountered problems with pages 
going missing on the wiki.

I can assure you that no prior content has been deleted, and we are 
continuing this year to build our site using the MoinMoin wiki platform. 
In previous years we have had a tendency to start each year from 
scratch, often due to technical problems or complexity of our website 
platform; we're looking to build a more consistent track record in this 
respect in the future.

We recently moved last year's team pages to the archive so that a clear 
distinction can be made between current and old team information - we 
are specifically trying to avoid the confusing situation where a page 
last edited in 2005 says "Hi! Come to our SFD event at Main Street, 
Springfield" and visitors to the site can't tell if the information is 
current(*) or not.

So: feel free to copy(**) your page contents back to where they were - 
we'll not be moving these pages again soon! More details about 
registration will be posted to the SFD-announce list soon.


(*) Yes, visitors could look at the "Last edited" date on the page, but 
this creates a poor impression with site visitors.
(**) We think it would be better to copy the old contents over (if 
they're still relevant) rather than move the pages back, as that leaves 
the 2006 archive intact.

Rik Tindall wrote:
> Russell John wrote:
>> I still didn't understand what you meant... anyhow, never mind.
> I was concerned that the record focus of our collective teamwork had 
> been lost, which would make it much harder to grow.
> But then this rearrangement happens with the type of website 
> management that we currently have, each year. And the old material 
> resurfaces. So the continuity should be fine, with SFD participant 
> content available to new readers again soon. 'Alarm - off'.
> cheers, & go sfd!, rik
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