[SFD-announce] Apologies and update for teams

Robert Schumann robert at softwarefreedomday.org
Sun Aug 26 23:02:17 UTC 2007

Hi all,

Firstly thank you to you all for your patience and understanding while we
had some technical issues. For those that didn't know, the Software Freedom
Day website was down for almost 4 days, and it has taken till now for
various reasons to get the mailing lists back up. Details below on what


I am glad to say that though the initial work of Canonical sysadmins, and
then through the tireless work of several of the Software Freedom
International board members, we now have the website, mailing lists and
registration back up and running!

All other Software Freedom Day preparations were unaffected by the server
issues. All teams that registered prior to the 30th July have already had
much of their free team schwag posted, and will be receiving 3 seperate

 1) SFD tshirts (already shipped to most teams)
 2) SFD stickers and balloons (being shipped in the next 2 days)
 3) Ubuntu and The Open CD packs (already shipped)

Please note that due to some issues in production, we are only able to ship
5 of The Open CDs to each team this year (not including additional CDs
purchased), however we will ensure more are available next year. Please feel
free to replicate the CDs being sent and to distribute any other FOSS that
is locally relevant and beneficial to your events.

We are pleased to say there are already 283 registered teams celebrating
Software Freedom Day this year, and we expect plenty more to register in the
coming weeks to be included as official events. Hopefully we'll hit at the
very least the 300 mark, so please let any teams you know that haven't
registered to get their socks on!

Please ensure your event pages are up to date because over the coming weeks
people will be looking for your events and wanting to see at the very least
what you'll be doing, when and where so they can visit your events!

Good luck with your SFD planning, and thank you all for helping take
software freedom to the world! Through all our efforts we can really help
ensure a more open, sustainable and trustworthy digital future!

(on behalf of Pia and the rest of Software Freedom International)

Software Freedom Day 2007                     http://softwarefreedomday.org/
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