[SFD-announce] Last day to order SFD T-shirts and CDs!

Robert Schumann robert at softwarefreedomday.org
Fri Aug 3 22:51:35 UTC 2007

Hi all,

Due to our shipping deadlines (to make sure T-shirts and other materials
arrive with teams before 15 September) we are having to close the SFD shop
tomorrow, Saturday 4 August. Teams that were among the first 200 registered
before the 31 July deadline will receive 3 free t-shirts plus a variable
number of The Open CD (but no more than 25, since our stocks are limited) -
but please go ahead and order more shirts to support our mission to send
supplies to as many teams as we can!

The store website is
and we have extended the original 31 July deadline for ordering shirts until
*tomorrow* for teams to get their last minute orders in. THIS DEADLINE WILL

Tshirts are on there for AUD$30 but teams get them for AUD$15 each (AUD$15 =
~USD$12.50), and for the first time we also have The Open CD Packs (with 5
CDs) available for AUD$25 (AUD$12.50 for teams) so please ensure when you
place any team orders that you tick the "Gift Voucher" box once you confirm
your order which will apply the 50% discount before paying. The discount
code is:

   sfdt3 at ms

Don't worry about the "Redeem" button, it'll apply once you click Continue.

Also, _ensure_ you also tick the "Comments" section of your order and add
the size(s) you'd like and which team you are ordering for so we can bundle
the new goodies in with your free SFD Team Pack! We'll then label the
additional goodies such that you can determine who ordered more and which
are the free schwag.

Payment options include Paypal (includes Visa, Mastercard and other credit
options), Cheque and Bank transfers, although we don't recommend the bank
transfers expect for large orders due to the SWIFT fees (unless you are in
the US). Don't worry, you don't have to have a Paypal account to

If anyone has issues with the online store, please email info at


PS - One Aussie dollar (AUD$) is about USD0.85, or GBP0.42, or EUR0.62, if
you want to figure out how much the T-shirts cost in a slightly more
familiar currency. I certainly didn't know how much the Aussie dollar was
worth before looking it up....
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