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Matt Oquist moquist at softwarefreedomday.org
Thu Sep 28 10:15:55 EDT 2006

Great to hear, Andrew! Are you planning to submit any feedback through
the feedback form? :)


The feedback we receive from you all helps us to (among other things)
seek future sponsorship, because we can quote your actual reported
numbers regarding team participation, number of CDs distributed,
number of people you talk to, etc.

Keep sending these emails! We love to read them and see your pictures
in the gallery ( http://softwarefreedomday.org/gallery/2006 ), but
please take the time to drop by http://softwarefreedomday.org/feedback
as well.

And again, nice work, Andrew. It's great to see you all having such
positive influences within your communities, and as I just told some
friends today after seeing some of the African SFD photos, I can't
even imagine how so many people think proprietary software is even
remotely as valuable as FOSS. The sort of local empowerment that we
all celebrate through our SFD events has no parallel in the propietary
software world.


Andrew Swinn wrote:    [Sat Sep 16 2006, 05:56:58PM EDT]
> Howdy all,
> Well I must say we had an excellent Software Freedom Day.
> Our day was spent at one of our local shoppings malls with a display 
> that I had been organising during the week. It basically consisted of 4 
> computers setup with Kubuntu, Ubuntu, Xubuntu and Damn Small Linux, a 
> projector hooked up to the Ubuntu machine running the Blender Siggraph 
> Demoreels and the occasional other video we had. There was also a 
> noticeboard that had various information leaflets for people to read.
> We had a little bit of press help promoting the event earlier in the 
> week. One of our local free newspapers, the Dubbo Photo News, published 
> a small article on Thursday. Our local prominent AM radio station, 2DU, 
> did and interview with myself earlier in the week which had some good 
> results as a number of people mentioned hearing it. The Dubbo Photo News 
> photographer visited us on Saturday to take a heap of photos and get 
> some information and they will be running it as a major article in next 
> weeks paper.
> The day started with about 200 Ubuntu CDs, and I also had a heap of 
> blank CDs which I was using to burn copies of the Open Source Free CD 
> for people. I think we gave away around half the Ubuntu CDs and about 20 
> odd OSFCDs.
> There was lots of passing interest in our display and there were a large 
> number of computer professionals that were very interested, a few system 
> admins, an IT teacher/admin from a local high school, and others. Over 
> the entire day there was not one negative comment regarding open source 
> or Linux, everyone was most positive and there were certainly lots of 
> average people quite interested as well.
> Our club (Dubbo and District Computer Club) got a good lot of promotion 
> and we are expecting to get a few new faces at our next meeting which we 
> have lined up as a workshop to do a bit of a Linux installfest and to 
> teach the basics of the Linux CLI.
> I shall be putting together a page of photos at some stage tonight.
> I hope everyone else had a day as successful as ours was.
> Cheers,
> Andrew Swinn
> Dubbo Team
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