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Sexta-Feira, 3 de Janeiro de 2014 - 14:00:48 UTC

Em 3 de janeiro de 2014 11:46, Paulo Francisco Slomp <slomp at ufrgs.br> escreveu:
> Olá Paulo

Oi Paulo

> A sugestão é de que em 2015 seja alterada a data do Dia da Liberdade na
> Educação http://www.educationfreedomday.org, para uma que seja compatível
> com o calendário escolar do hemisfério sul do nosso planeta.

Sobre isso, o Fred comentou recentemente na lista:

"Yes the date seems problematic is some parts of the world. Similarly
in Hong Kong with Chinese New Year being around the corner it seems we
will move our event one month later.
On the bright side next year we have been discussing with the OCW
Consortium and will most likely celebrate EFD together with the Open
Education Week. I think we have a slight different focus but it's
probably better to combine forces as we are promoting the same kind of
work (that's sometimes around March).
Hope that will be more suitable for everyone."

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