[Planning-pt] [SFD-discuss] Portuguese and Brazilian sections

Paulo Henrique Santana phls00 at gmail.com
Fri Jun 1 19:22:48 UTC 2012

Hi Fred

2012/6/1 Frederic Muller - SFI <fred at softwarefreedomday.org>:
> Copying the Portuguese list and apologies for not being able to speak
> the language.

Sure, no problem! :-)

> We can easily create 2 different sets of templates for pt-br and pt-pt.

Ok, It's better.

> I was actually waiting for confirmation whether the word could be the
> same or not. Apparently not, so I'd vote for 2 sets (especially since
> there is no cost to it and we reuse them each year).

Some words are diferent.

> I did the page renaming and creation and you guys can supervise and
> update their content now.
> List of files to check are:
> http://wiki.softwarefreedomday.org/CountryPtBrTemplate
> http://wiki.softwarefreedomday.org/CityPtBrTemplate
> http://wiki.softwarefreedomday.org/TeamPtBrTemplate

I fixed the these pages above.
Probably Marcos Marado can look the other pages to pt-PT.

> I also updated http://wiki.softwarefreedomday.org/2012/ to reflect the
> new choices. Feel free to update the 2 Portuguese boxes if you feel
> there is a better way to phrase it (less geeky maybe?).


Thank you very much!

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