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Mon Nov 15 15:53:40 GMT 2010

Dear Mihai,

Welcome to join the marketing committee! With your experiences, you can 
definitely help us a lot in promoting software freedom to more people.

We have been planning to communicate about SFD all year round, and we 
came up with a plan at

Feel free to give your insights.

In fact, it's very nice to have you joined us! Right now we are 
promoting " Post event *survey* for sfd team leaders (Oct) " So far we 
have 77 respondents, and we target to have 200 team leaders joining the 
survey. Details can be found at 
http://pockey.dao2.com/2010/11/sfd-team-leader-survey/#content. We can 
definitely use some help in marketing and promotion especially in your 
region. Thanks!


  On 11/15/2010 10:41 PM, Mihai-Stanislav Jalobeanu wrote:
> Thank you for this invitation. I'll be glad to contribute to the SFD
> in my country and on a global level (if it will possible). As an aged
> mathematician and computer scientist, and a Linux user since 1993,
> after 40 years of activity in a research institute (National R&D
> Institute for Isotopic and Molecular Technology, www.itim-cj.ro ). I'm
> working now (since 2003) as CS professor in a Computer Science
> faculty, at "Vasile Goldis" Western University, Arad, Romania.  In
> this position, teaching courses on Operating Systems, Networking, Web
> server management, Computer Graphics, or WebGIS, it is natural to
> insist on FOSS systems and applications. It seams that my implication
> into the use of ICT for teaching and learning coincide (more or less
> connected) with penetration of the Internet and WWW in Romania.
> Consequently, between 1997 and 2001 I was involved into a conference
> on Web based teaching called RILW (Romanian Internet Learning Workshop
> ). Since 2003 organizing also an annual workshop called "Linux and
> Virtual Learning Environments" (LVLE), promoting MOODLE, and other Web
> based tools for teaching and learning (see for details
> http://linux.itim-cj.ro, http://lvle.unixinside.org ,
> http://www.uvvg.ro/lvle, or http://proinfo.uvvg.ro, or some
> video-sequences at YouTube, like
> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CvKR3MT5fuQ&feature=related .
> Since 2009 this workshop (LVLE national seminar) together with its
> satellite ProInfo contest  (a project competition for student) became
> the main part of a Summer School called "Informatica la Castel".
> sincerely yours,
> Mihai Jalobeanu
> http://jalobean.itim-cj.ro
> jalobeanu at uvvg.ro
> 2010/11/15<marketing-request at sf-day.org>:
>> Thank you for joining the SFD team leader survey! Knowing that you are interested to contribute to the Software Freedom Day on a global level, I am inviting you to join the marketing committee from Software Freedom International.
>> This marketing committee intends to spread the word of SFD all over the world! The group intends to:
>> 1. Assist SFI to spread the word of SFD news / announcements in your country / "continent"
>> 2. Give ideas of how to better promote SFD
>> 3. Blog about SFD or talk about SFD in any social networks that you use
>> 4. Work on the website and wiki contents and localization - marketing part to give more tools to SFD teams to host their events
>> Please introduce yourself to the committee so we can know from each others!
>> Regards,
>> Pockey Lam
>> Director and Secretary of Software Freedom International
>> SFD Marketing CommitteeWelcome to the Marketing at sf-day.org mailing list! Welcome to the
>> software freedom day marketing list.
> Prof.Dr. Mihai Jalobeanu
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